2014 Dress In Blue Day



Did you know that colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States? One in 20 Americans will be diagnosed with colon cancer in their lifetime.
But here's the good news: this is a cancer we can beat. With a healthy lifestyle and regular screenings, colon cancer can be prevented and treated.
As most of you know, I was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer on September 24, 2012. I am one of the lucky ones; with an sigmoidectomy, six months worth of chemo, an ileostomy and reversal and more than a month in the hospital, I was able to get back to life. Chemotherapy and surgery were not the highlights of my 2013, but I was able to handle it with love and support from my amazing friends, family and co-workers. This Spring marks the one year anniversary of my treatment and gets me much closer to my five year mark where I can be labeled "in remission".
My bout with colon cancer created a new passion within me to help educate people about this disease and ways it can be prevented, so I've teamed up with the Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA) in support of National Dress in Blue Day. Leading up to and during National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month this March, I'll be raising funds, promoting awareness and honoring those affected by colon cancer.
Please make a contribution today. Your support of National Dress in Blue Day will benefit the CCA's mission and their screening, patient support and research programs and help bring us one step closer a to future free of colon cancer.
Just one $5 donation from each of my Facebook friends could raise more than $3,700 for this cause. Your donation is greatly appreciated.
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