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Colon Cancer Alliance's Undy 5000

2014 Sacramento Undy 5000

Team Linda

Hello friends. As most of you know, Linda lost her life to colon cancer on December 20, 2013. She was surrounded by family and close friends that loved her dearly. She fought a brave fight for more than five years and is now in a better place enjoying a painfree, carefree, joyous existence with our savior.

Linda touched many lives while she was here on Earth. She had a very special way about her. She was a simple, fun woman who was often worry-free and could light up any room by just walking into it. Being a lover and a giver made her so happy. She lived for her family and never expected anything, though deserved everything. She was an inspiration to many people and showed how life should be lived. She lived her life with a purpose and if it wasn't for her final six months here with us, you would never know she even had cancer because she masked it well with her infectious smile. We will all continue to miss her tremendously, today, tomorrow and always.

Linda Diane Little was WAY to young to lose her life. If there was a cure for this disastrous disease, she would still be with us today. Many people have asked if we need anything or if they can help in any way, to please reach out. THIS is your chance to help my family and who knows how many other people who are currently fighting or may have to fight cancer in the future. Please take a moment to give if you feel lead to. It is a tax-deductible donation to the Colon Cancer Alliance. The support you show will help in Linda's honor to prevent colon cancer, raise awareness and save lives.

Also, her family and friends are participating in the 2014 Sacramento Undy 5000 (5K run/walk) on Saturday, March 1 at William Land Park. We would love it if you could join us too. The more people, the better. You can visit the #teamlinda page and donate by clicking here. You can also search for Team Linda and sign-up for the 5k here.

If you are interested in learning a little bit more about our very special mother, wife, sister and friend, please view this videoShe was an amazing person. Please feel free to share this information with anyone and invite whoever you want to participate. We have been able to raise enough money through sponsorships to give each and every person who donates, particpates or walk/runs in the Undy 5K a uniquely designed t-shirt! WAHOO! Thank you for helping to carry on my mother's legacy! She would be honored. 


Please get a colonoscopy as soon as your insurance allows it or if you can afford one outright. I want to share a few facts with you:

  1. Of cancers that affect both men and women, colorectal cancer- cancer of the colon or rectum- is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States.
  2. More than 50,000 people in the US die of it every year (about half women and half men).
  3. This cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in the US.
  4. It is the third most common cancer in men and in women.
  5. There isn't as much publicity about Colon Cancer when you compare it some of the other ones, like breast cancer. Every move towards finding a cure for cancer is a good one…but please remember: COLON CANCER IS EXTREMELY DEADLY AND WE NEED A CURE SO THAT NO ONE ELSE LOSES THEIR LIFE TO THIS EVIL DISEASE.

For more information please visit or Thank you in advance. I look forward to walking/running/jogging with you!

Team Linda Raised
Rebecca Leroux $7,443.00
Jordan Acke $0.00
Benjamin Adams $0.00
Kate Adams $0.00
Crystal Alexander $0.00
Zachery Alexander $0.00
Shannon Alward $50.00
suzanne Ambrosini $0.00
Amarah Anderson $0.00
Autumn Anderson $0.00
Sheril Anderson $0.00
Kyle Baker $0.00
Stephanie Baker $0.00
Deborah Barrett $350.00
Ron Baugh $0.00
Linda Bessire $0.00
Annette Buckmaster $20.00
Anne Chapuis $0.00
Ed Chapuis $0.00
Brett Collett $0.00
Brittany Collett $0.00
Virginia Collett $0.00
Sarah Cotta $0.00
Jonathan Crain $0.00
Laura Crain $0.00
Marguerite Crespillo $0.00
Stefanie Cruz $0.00
Kathy Culverson $150.00
Christina Douglas $0.00
Rebekah Edwards $0.00
Christina Elespuru $0.00
Julie Estes $0.00
Madison Evans $0.00
Rachael Ferris $0.00
Brittany Garcia $0.00
Gloria Garcia $0.00
Jane Garcia $0.00
Kelly Gilles $0.00
Kevin Gilles $0.00
Diana Gomez $0.00
Caiden Graves $0.00
Cristy Graves $0.00
Mark Graves $0.00
Sheila Harris $0.00
Brianne Herzog $0.00
James Herzog $0.00
Tim Hoth $0.00
Matthew Hullmam $0.00
Kara Hullman $0.00
Allison Hyman $0.00
rod jackson $0.00
Mateo Jimenez $0.00
Meredith Jimenez $0.00
Carson Jung $0.00
Lisa Jung $0.00
Anthony Koberstein $0.00
Camden Koberstein $0.00
Jesse Kozlowski $0.00
Katherine Kozlowski $0.00
Christopher Leroux $0.00
Jennifer Little $0.00
Russell Little $0.00
Charlotte Mahan $0.00
gayle marston $0.00
James Mayo $0.00
Dale McCollum $0.00
Ruth Meyer $0.00
janelle moffet $0.00
Amy Northam $0.00
Natalie O'Halloran $0.00
Tami Pfau $0.00
Joel Richardson $0.00
Stephanie Richardson $0.00
Gilbert Rincon $0.00
Denay Sady $0.00
Mark Sady $0.00
Nicholas Sady $0.00
Vicky Sady $0.00
Sandy Sanders $0.00
Joshua Scovel $10.00
Chandler Segers $0.00
Jason Shoultz $0.00
Lane Srunk $0.00
Suzy Steele $0.00
Lisa Talbott $0.00
Cristian Tapia $0.00
Craig Taylor $0.00
Kaela Taylor $0.00
Denise Vinsant $0.00
Danien Walswick $0.00
Carlie Weidner $0.00
Sharon Winebarger $0.00
charles Woodland $0.00
Team Gifts $200.00
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